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with Chums old and new.

Co-produced Larrikin & Bronzewing



These songs are from an LP called 'On My Selection' a play on a Steele Rudd book title 'On Our Selection'. As the cover notes from that LP explain

'On our selection these days the new chums come from the four corners of the world, and influence our lives and our songs. This record presents songs resulting from the three dominating influences within the folk revival. The Australian tradition, British tradition and the American influence.'


(At that time I wrote) The writers of the songs were all alive, living or having lived in Australia. I have included these songs in my singing over the last decade or so and although one or two owe their inspiration to other shores it is in Australia that they first circulated among singers. Some seem distinctively 'ours' and give the hope that the media and commercialism on one hand an (even if it is great) British Traditionalism on the other can't win every heart and mind (and voice),and that we can take the influence of both and weave them into a poetic and musical fabric of our own, along with the Bush tradition that Steele Rudd's characters knew so well. I asked British born Andy Saunders to sing two of the British based songs.



1 Weevils in the flour
2 Sometime Loving
3 Not many fish in the harbour today
4 Girls in our town
5 In terms of time and place
6 The first fair wind
7 The band played waltzing matilda
8 Factory Lad
9 Norfolk Whalers
10 Right of the Line
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