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Written after watching a documentary on the slaughter of Albatross as a result of llong-line fishing. Although some countries have changed their practices to lessen tthe deaths of the birds they are still at an unacceptable level. SOSSO, Southern Ocean Seabird Study Association of Wollongong runs regular study trips off the coast of Wollongong. Recently I took part on one of these as a 'tripper'. Am full of admiration for these dedicated professionals and amateurs who do so much for sea bird health and survival. Being up close at 'hugging level to an Albatross was worth the seasickness. Thanks to Evan Mathieson for the autoharp accompaniment.


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Words, Music & Sung by Phyl Lobl;  Feb 1996

Wanderer, C E7 am

Southern ocean traveller, dm G7 C

Like the ancient mariner, F dm G

A master of the sea and sky F F

And roaring winds that endlessly you ride. DIM D G G7

You're Northward bound,

But the Southern Ocean engines sound,

Will lure you to the fishing ground,

With promise of a banquet

On the bounty that the by-catch will provide.

Danger sign.

Southern Ocean Blue Fin line,

And trailing off the Argentine,

Savage miles to hold you

Till your're drowning in the wild and rushing tide.


Southern Ocean sacrifice,

The power of the sailor's curse

Is shattered by a changing world

Where knowledge of the soul can be denied.

Wanderer, wanderer, C G7 C F C G7

Vale, vale, vale, vale. F C G7 C F C G7 C



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