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The title comes from a mediaeval morality play 'Das Narrenschiff' by Sebastian Brandt, the theme of which was used for a book by Katherine Anne Porter. A film was based on that novel and the song grew out of the influences of these but expresses many of my own thoughts.


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Words & Music: Phyl Lobl; Sung by Margret RoadKnight

When we ride the ship of fools we play a part
And live by foolish rules they teach us at the start.
When we ride the ship of fools we're on a trip,
And never know just when we have to leave the ship.
Some will share the table that drinks the Captain's wine,
But some will travel steerage on this line this flotsam line.

On the Starboard or on Port,
Everyone is sold or bought,
When we ride the ship of fools,
Bought or sold we learn the rules.

When we ride the ship of fools, we search for love,
And promenade on deck to find a heart to move.
When we ride the ship of fools, we make a deal,
On just how much we will allow ourselves to feel.
For love is a coloured canvas patched with solid blue,
For some it's a growing rain, for some just morning dew.

On the Starboard or on Port
Love's the web in which we're caught,
And the merchant will entice,
Take your choice and pay the price.



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