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Morag Loh wrote a book about immigrants called 'Courage in their Cases'
which sparked this song. In my songbook 'Songs of a Bronzewing' it comes under the title 'Following on'. A fine Brisbane singer, Helen Rowe, has recorded it using 'Courage in their Cases' as the title. The CD she recorded is called 'The Slow Return'. She gave permission for me to use her interpretation on this site for which I am grateful.

Sung by Helen Rowe

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Arranged and accompanied by Michael Roberts

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Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

They came with courage in their cases
Hopeful hearts,anxious faces
Following the men who set the paces …following on.

Have you seen Maria and Angelina
Rosetta, Concetta, Bella and Gina
Locked by language in between
The past and the immigrant dream
More than they seem.

Daylight dim on the factory floor,
They learnt by watching and watching more,
Heads in a whirl and backs so sore they …followed on.

Children came and though they were
Old country blood they did prefer
The new and seemed ashamed of her just … following on.

Australia claims their children's will
But the ghosts of Italy call her still,
Its easier now but ever uphill just …following on.





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