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Left a war widow with six children my mother showed resilience and courage. Without modern facilities that can ease grief and the frustrations of a limited purse she always made the best of her situation. A fine role model.
My song in gratitude to Freda is sung here by Victorian singer/songwriter Fay White. Fay came to know my mother and as I had never recorded the song Fay gave permission for me to use her version. Information about Fay's work can be found on the web. I have now recorded my own version which is also included here.


Sung by Fay White

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Arranged and accompanied by Michael Roberts

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Words & Music: Phyl Lobl;

You've gone down the back road its milking time again
I smile a bit to think of how you're dressed
In a butcher's stripy apron you found on the road
And a Digger's hat now well past its best.
Yes that's how I'll remember you down through the years
And how you'd calm the fears that childhood lends,
And although we often differed on the subjects of the world,
I think we had a good thing there as friends.

So I salute a Gypsy who would never let self pity
Ever get her by the throat and take control.
Who showed me by her giving the stepping stones to loving
And by loving how to reach another's soul.

You would talk about the old days and how you met your love
How your faded stockings made you want to hide.
You ran across the paddock but he caught you at the gate
The ruby wing you wear reflects his pride.
But days can't have been easy when he went away to war,
On a farm you're far away from any friend,
And its not a good position with six kids on a pension
But you made it still smiling at the end.

You had never been a gypsy till the years were adding up
And the family spread around the countryside,
You started travelling round us became the tie to bind us
For family links get lost in growing up.
And though time will take you from us I'd like to make a promise
The legacy you leave,that stepping stone
And the will to hear life singing not a down and out bell ringing
Is something I'll try to make my own.


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