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Words for a young person I knew and for many I don't.


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Words & Music: Phyl Lobl

You are a product of the past,
The dice that's thrown, the die that's cast,
The way things were is not the last
You can change it all, come catch the ball.

And change, change your dancing shoes,
Lady, you weren't born to lose,
Leave the past with songs of sorrow,
Build yourself a new clear eyed tomorrow.

Friends are fine but they can't tie you,
Money helps, don't let it buy you.
Life's a force that's bound to try you
Give yourself a chance, come catch the dance.

Lift your head for the steps to take,
Lift your mind for dreams to make,
You can bend instead of break,
Hearts aren’t made of clay, come catch the day.

If you live in yesterday,
You'll never get to know to-day.
You'll walk backwards all the way
And never see the sun, come catch the fun.



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